Video Resource: Sanctuary Fence Braces

An illustration of a braced fence, with sheep behind it.
The seemingly-simple design of a braced fence has a lot of important fundamentals to know of!

Updated June 18, 2021

Brace Yourself For Some Fencing Fundamentals!

Sanctuary fencing is not only a critical part of a sanctuary’s infrastructure, but also a substantial investment of both time and money to install. For this reason, it’s crucial to install it right the first time!

In the Video Resources below, experienced sanctuary facilities manager and contractor Michael Sizer shares with us a video series on the mechanics and fundamentals of a properly braced fence, so that sanctuaries can understand the principles behind why a braced fence looks the way it does, and how that keeps a fence sturdy and residents safely enclosed!

Have you ever seen a fence that seemed to lean shortly after construction? Or dealt with posts that fell out when tension was applied? Check out the video resource below to learn how to avoid a serious fencing faux pas!

The second video shows how to put these theories into practice, with Michael assembling a fence brace along with easy to follow commentary!

Video Resource: “Fence Braces Part 1: Theory

Video Resource: “Fence Braces Part 2: Practice”

Video Resource Acknowledgements
These videos were generously created by Michael Sizer for the global animal sanctuary community. Michael has worked for and with numerous animal sanctuaries throughout Canada and has substantial sanctuary construction and maintenance knowledge. Does your organization have a sanctuary construction or maintenance question you’d like Michael to weigh in on? Get in touch with us and we’ll forward along the request to him!

Updated on June 18, 2021

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