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Intermediate Topics At The Open Sanctuary Project

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If your animal sanctuary is operating smoothly (or as smoothly as an animal sanctuary could be expected to operate!) and is looking to make improvements for the animals and your organization, consider reviewing some of our intermediate resources. These resources can benefit any sanctuary, and may be good things to consider as your sanctuary grows!

Make It Work For Your Organization!

Not every resource at The Open Sanctuary Project will fit every sanctuary’s model. You shouldn’t feel like a sanctuary must implement any of these resources at any particular time!

Intermediate Sanctuary Resources

A Forever Home? Adoption Program Considerations For Animal Sanctuaries – Adoption is one way to be able to rescue more animals in need, but it must be done responsibly!

What Should Go On Your Animal Sanctuary’s Website – A website is an essential tool in today’s digital age. What should go on yours?

Fundamentals Of An Effective Animal Sanctuary Tour Program – How can you make your sanctuary a valuable experience for visitors while respecting your residents’ needs?

Large Event Considerations At Your Animal Sanctuary – When putting on big events at your sanctuary, what do you need to think about to protect your residents, your organization, the public, and ensure everyone has a good time?

Care Staff Retention At Your Animal Sanctuary – Animal caregiver positions tend to have some of the highest turnover at animal sanctuaries. How can you help retain a happy, healthy staff?

Recognizing And Preventing Burnout At Your Animal Sanctuary – Burnout is a significant risk at animal sanctuaries. How can you protect your staff and organization?

Intermediate Animal Care Resources

FAMACHA Scoring: A Valuable Tool In Small Ruminant Healthcare – If you’re caring for goats, sheep, or camelids, FAMACHA can help you provide better care!

What An Animal Sanctuary Can Do With A Resident’s Wool – Shearing is an essential healthcare task for some sanctuary residents. What can you do with the resultant fiber while honoring the residents from which it came?

A Peek Into The Pecking Order – How do chickens form hierarchies? What is healthy chicken behavior?

Why You Shouldn’t Advocate For Backyard Eggs – A few things to consider if a visitor asks for some of your chicken’s eggs!

What To Do About Egg Laying – Caring for sanctuary birds very often means eggs. What can you do about them? What should you do?

Intermediate Organization Resources

Overview Of Farmed Animal Sanctuary Staff Positions – What are some common roles used when staffing your animal sanctuary?

Independent Contractors Vs Employees At Your Animal Sanctuary – Don’t get caught in this common nonprofit pitfall!

Creating An Effective Set Of Contingency Policies – It’s much safer to make plans than be caught when the unexpected happens.

How To Foster Positive Relationships Between Animal Sanctuaries – When two sanctuaries share a local community, sometimes there can be some friction. How can sanctuaries develop respectful, productive relationships?

Running A Successful Volunteer Potluck Program – Potlucks can be a fun, affordable way to engage your volunteers, create community, and attract new supporters!

Updated on August 4, 2020

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