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Sharing Content From The Open Sanctuary Project

We welcome sanctuaries and other compassionate organizations sharing our resources! Organizations around the world have used resources from The Open Sanctuary Project as a way of conveying their best practices to interested visitors, explaining the philosophy behind their actions, and even as a way to create thoughtful Frequently Asked Questions and social media content for their site.

Sharing content from The Open Sanctuary Project may look like:

  • Providing a link to our site or a specific resource of ours along with the individual organization’s thoughts on a website or social media, or giving us a social media shout out
  • Reproducing a written resource in text on an organization’s website or social media
  • Printing resources and providing them to interested folks at an organization or sanctuary

If you do choose to share our resources, we have a few general guidelines:

  • Please ensure to credit us as the original source of the content (a line as simple as “From The Open Sanctuary Project”), and include a hyperlink to OpenSanctuary.org if at all possible. Linking back to us helps in many important ways! In addition, not crediting a source and presenting it as your own content is considered plagiarism, and we know you wouldn’t want to do that!
  • If you are reproducing a written resource, please do not edit out sections of the resources if at all possible- sharing individual paragraphs or sentences in full is okay by us, but our resources are written as precisely as possible, and we wouldn’t wish for readers to miss the full picture or important nuance as a result of trying to fit a big resource into a small spot! If you do share a segment of a resource, please clearly link back to the full resource if at all possible. Our resources are updated frequently, so reproduced text may not always be in line with our most current findings or analysis of any situation.
  • And please let us know if you do share or reproduce our resources! It helps us know what kind of resources resonate with you, and it’s nice to hear from the community!

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Updated on August 6, 2019

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