Ensuring Newly Introduced Chickens Are Safe Overnight- Chickens Part 2

Sometimes newly introduced birds will get together just fine during the day when they have more room to spread out and avoid each other, but will show signs of discord when locked in for the night.  Pay close attention to how the new bird behaves after being closed in with the flock for the night, and also look for issues in the morning when they are opened up for the day. 

If you see that the overnight time is a issue, you could try adding additional perches to give the birds more space to settle down for the night, or you may decided to temporarily separate the new bird overnight.  You can do this with the use of a large carrier filled with straw or other bedding, or could use a safely secured x-pen to create a separate sleeping area for the new bird- just make sure they have a safe place to perch and that other birds cannot fly into this space.

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