Importance Of Record Keeping- Chickens Part 2

Consistent record keeping kept in a safe, well-organized location is critical for resident health and safety, as well as the safety and success of your sanctuary.  For every animal currently in your care as well as any animal you cared for in the past who was either adopted or passed away, you should be able to locate their file and it may include the following:

  • Cover sheet
  • Intake records (discussed earlier in this module)
  • Custody release or title transfer
  • Certification of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) if applicable, including state issued identification and required interstate transport test results
  • Vaccination records if applicable
  • Regular health examinations reports or a summary of significant findings
  • Treatment reports or a summary of treatment reports
  • Veterinary examination reports
  • Diagnostic results and veterinary interpretation
  • Incident reports
  • Social Reports- if a resident is particularly reactive to certain humans or other residents, it is wise to keep this information well-documented

It can be helpful to create a general summary of the resident’s overall health by compiling the information found in their health examination reports and any ongoing treatment records, as well as any other documentation such as those listed above. By keeping a running log of health issues, treatments, and other things of note, it can be easier to find what you are looking for.

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