Pasture And Other Vegetation- S&G Part 1

Pasture and browse vegetation can play an important role in a sheep or goat’s daily diet, but it’s role will depend on the amount, quality, and availability of forage, as well as the number of residents you are feeding. In some settings, your residents may be able to forage exclusively, either seasonally or year round, but in other settings, foraging opportunities may not be adequate as the primary source of your residents’ food, in which case you will rely primarily on hay.

If your climate and region are conducive to growing forage, we strongly urge you to set-up your residents’ outdoor living spaces so that they have foraging opportunities that match their typical diet (as illustrated in the pie charts earlier). Foraging is not only a source of nutrients, it is also a natural behavior of sheep and goats, so providing these opportunities contributes to their overall well-being.

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