Basic Large Breed Chicken Care Part 1 of 2

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This course covers the basic care considerations for large breed chickens, such as the Cornish cross, and is broken down into two parts.

Basic Large Breed Chicken Care Part 2 Coming Soon!

Part One of this course covers important information related to basic large breed chicken care, but is meant to be completed along with Part Two of this course, which is currently under construction. Basic Large Breed Chicken Care Part Two focuses on health care topics that are an important part of caring for large breed chickens, so be sure to check it out when it’s available!

Learners who finish both parts of this course will be issued a certificate of completion!

Suggested Curriculum To Learn About Chickens

We know there’s a lot of information available at The Open Sanctuary Project to learn about chicken residents! To help explain all of our offerings and how to best learn about chickens, check out our chicken curriculum resource!

Chicken Course Progression Options

If you are interested in learning about both large breed and non-large breed chickens, the chart below shows the various options for course progression.

Prerequisites: None

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