“Will you help evaluate an individual sanctuary’s standards, practices, or policies?”

Sorry, no. We do not evaluate, endorse, regulate, or accredit any organization, as it is outside the scope of our mission, nor do we evaluate or critique the standards or practices of any other outside sanctuary or rescue organization. However, we do have a resource to help organizations self-evaluate their care programs!

“Do you expect all sanctuaries to adopt all of the suggestions provided in your resources?”

While we strongly recommend the suggestions provided in our resources, we recognize that we are offering generalized information that may not apply to all organizations’ unique environments and residents’ needs. Sanctuaries should carefully weigh our information, along with other sources of information, including professional assistance, before implementing any particular suggestion provided by us.

“What are the backgrounds and qualifications of your staff?”

You can find out more information about our staff here!

“Can you help me find placement for an animal?”

We typically do not assist in animal placements as an organization. Sorry!

No. We only offer best practices for animal sanctuaries and caregivers based on independent research. Find out more information here!

“Can you help me with a medical or veterinary question with an animal in my care?”

Unfortunately not! We are not a veterinary organization, nor do we have veterinarians on staff, so we cannot offer medical advice as it pertains to individual animals. Please contact a qualified veterinarian with any medical or diagnostic questions. If you haven’t reviewed it yet, we encourage you to read our disclaimer.

“Does The Open Sanctuary Project have a sanctuary of its own?”

No. We are entirely an educational organization geared towards providing information for sanctuaries, and we do not have a physical headquarters or animal residents. While our organization was originally envisioned by the Co-Founders of Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary, we are, as of 2018, a fully a separate nonprofit organization and are independent of all sanctuaries.

“Can I pitch you an article or sponsorship?”

You certainly can, although if it isn’t on a topic directly related to the compassionate care of animals in sanctuary or nonprofit guidance, we aren’t likely going to accept it. We do not accept sponsorships.

“Are you hiring? Can I work for you?”

We do not often have open full time positions, but when we do, they are announced on our social media channels and in our newsletter! On occasion, we do hire outside individuals on a per-resource basis to help us out. If you’re interested and qualified to help us create or expand a resource, get in touch with us!

“Can I share a resource or information from The Open Sanctuary Project?”

Yes! We encourage sharing our resources. We just ask that you adhere to our brief content sharing guidelines.

“I have found information in your resources that concerns me, or I believe is either incorrect or more complicated than presented.”

Please get in touch with us and let us know! Much of the information presented in our resources is not settled science, and we are always looking to improve our information.

Are camelids ruminants?

No, they are not!


If you have a question that hasn’t been covered here let us know

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