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An image of three panes from a brochure. The leftmost panel shows a rooster standing on an exam table. The middle panel shows a graphic of a rooster and a book, as well as two photos of roosters and a graphic of a chicken. The third panel on the right shows an image of a woman holding a rooster.

The Open Sanctuary Project’s “So You Want To Rescue A Rooster” Brochure

A new sanctuary brochure for so that you can help more folks learn some truths about roosters, which may help with facilitating rooster retention, getting foster homes, and more adopters!
A picture of a lavender field.

Science For Sanctuaries: Lavender For Horses, Yea or Neigh? Infographic

A bee flies towards a blue flower.

How To Be A Bee-Friendly Sanctuary Infographic

This helpful infographic will allow you to share information about how sanctuaries can help bee friends in various ways.

Introductory Care Topics For Ostriches

While this resource isn’t an exhaustive guide for all aspects of caring for ostriches, it strives to provide an introduction into ostriches care for rescues and sanctuaries.
Piia Anttonen is the Director of Tuulispää Animal Sanctuary in Finland, an organization that cares for and provides a home for many different kinds of animals.

Daily Observation For Cow Resident Health And Well-Being

Can you differentiate between normal and concerning when observing cow residents?
handful of hay

The Difference Between Straw And Hay

Straw and hay are not the same things! Can you tell them apart?
An SPCA constable with a donkey during an inspection at a roadside zoo in Canada.

Managing Cruelty, Seizure, And Escapee Cases At Your Sanctuary Or Rescue

A guide to how your animal sanctuary or rescue can navigate seizure, bust or escapee situations.

The Open Sanctuary Project’s HPAI Record-Keeping Template

Here's a free, downloadable template for tracking biosecurity and recordkeeping measures to help keep your animal sanctuary's avian residents safe from HPAI!
A picture of a lavender field.

Science For Sanctuaries: Can Lavender Help Horse Residents?

Is lavender found to have application in sanctuary settings for horses?

Daily Observation For Duck Health And Well-Being

Do you know how to differentiate between normal and concerning when observing duck residents?

Advanced Topics In Resident Health: Porcine Stress Syndrome

While rare, if you care for large breed pigs, you should know about PSS.
Two black and white bunnies snuggling.

Introductory Care For Rabbits

This resource will cover some of the basics of providing care for rabbits so you can ensure they are happy and healthy.
Photo by Abigail Lynn on Unsplash

Accuracy And Transparency: Two Critical Responsibilities Of Your Farmed Animal Sanctuary

Why animal sanctuaries must commit to accurate fact-sharing, honest storytelling, and transparency whenever possible.

Avoiding Harm to Animals At Your Animal Sanctuary

How can an animal sanctuary commit to non-exploitation, for both its residents and their respective species?
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