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The modern Red Junglefowl- by Francesco Veronesi through a CC BY SA 2.0 License

Chickens: How We Got Here

The history and current challenges of the domesticated chicken.

Qu’est-ce qui définit un refuge pour animaux ?

Volunteer translation of "What Defines An Animal Sanctuary" into French!

Si vous aussi, vous souhaitez créer un refuge pour animaux d’élevage

A volunteer translation of "So, You Want To Start A Farmed Animal Sanctuary" into French!

Accident Waiver And Release Of Liability Template For Animal Sanctuaries

Here's a free downloadable template to help craft an animal sanctuary's accident waiver and release of liability form!

Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza: Your Sanctuary And The Law

An in depth discussion of the state of the law around highly pathogenic avian influenza, USDA control measures, and how they may impact you.
A stack of many river rocks, with some more likely to fall than others.

Déterminer la capacité d’accueil responsable de votre refuge

A french translation of "Determining Your Animal Sanctuary's Capacity For Responsible Care"!

The Open Sanctuary Project’s HPAI Record-Keeping Template

Here's a free, downloadable template for tracking biosecurity and recordkeeping measures to help keep your animal sanctuary's avian residents safe from HPAI!

HPAI Biosecurity Plan And Checklist

HPAI prevention methods and biosecurity protocols in a simple bulleted checklist format.
Open Sanctuary Toxic Cows Infographic Preview

Foods Toxic To Cows Infographic

Learn about food toxic to cows in this handy infographic!
Open Sanctuary Toxic Turkeys Infographic Preview

Foods Toxic To Turkeys Infographic

Learn about foods toxic to turkeys in this handy infographic!
Open Sanctuary Quarantine Infographic Preview

Quarantine Tips For Animal Sanctuaries Infographic

Learn about quarantine tips for your animal sanctuary in this handy infographic!
Open Sanctuary Fun Facts Chickens Infographic Preview

Fun Facts About Chickens Infographic

Learn fun facts about chickens in this handy infographic!
Open Sanctuary Fish Advocacy Infographic Preview

Four Ways You Can Advocate For Fishes Infographic

Learn 4 ways you can advocate for fishes in this handy infographic!

An Introduction to Educational Programs and Opportunities Well-suited for Microsanctuaries

This resource provides a list and description of educational program opportunities well-suited for microsanctuary operators.
It takes a lot to grow a sanctuary!

Então você quer começar um santuário de animais

Então você quer começar um santuário de animais? Translation of "So, You Want To Start An Animal Sanctuary" into Portuguese!

Approaching Learning Opportunities With Residents: Concepts Of Learning Theory

Every interaction with a resident is a learning and teaching opportunity! Read about the basics of learning theory in a sanctuary environment.

Understanding Camelid Body Positions: Head And Neck

This resource is part of a series on camelid body language and provides a brief introduction to the different ways camelids communicate with their head and necks.

A Starter Guide to Terminology Around Animal Care Spaces

If you have questions about the meanings of terms like "rescue," "foster," "shelter," and sanctuary, this resource is a good introduction!

Avian Influenza FAQ

An introductory guide to avian influenza including answers to the most frequently asked questions about this disease.

The Open Sanctuary Project’s Resident Supply Checklist

Here's a free editable checklist that your animal sanctuary can download to keep track of important supplies to ensure proper animal care!

Building Your Resident Emergency Healthcare & First Aid Kit

A look at some of the supplies you should have on hand for resident emergencies.

A Starter Guide to Understanding and Working with Animal Shelters for Animal Sanctuaries

A starter guide for animal sanctuaries on how to better understand and find ways to work with animal shelters.
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