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    Board Resources For Animal Sanctuaries

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    Looking For The Basics On Boards?
    Check out our “Nonprofit Board Basics For Animal Sanctuaries” resource here!

    Video Resource: Effective Boards For Animal Sanctuaries

    Check out this roundtable discussion hosted by The Global Coalition of Farm Sanctuaries and led by Krista Hiddema about the basics of board governance for sanctuaries in the United States and Canada! Krista’s discussion covers many critical topics about boards as they pertain to nonprofit and charity organizations, including board meetings, committees, board development, board-ED relations, program evaluation, the importance of undergoing a board self-assessment, fundraising, and much more!

    Effective Boards For Sanctuaries Presentation Slides

    Click here to access a PDF of Krista’s slides in the Video Resource above!

    Selected BoardSource Community Resources

    The following external links are all a part of BoardSource’s free community resources. We highly recommend giving them a read and considering joining BoardSource as a member for access to more advanced materials all about good governance!

    Getting Started With Boards

    General Board Recommendations And Frequently Asked Questions

    Board Policies And Templates

    Board Fundraising Basics

    Other Helpful Board Resources

    The Animal Defense Partnership’s Model Bylaws Template

    Board By-Laws should be considered a critical part of your organization’s documentation. Animal Defense Partnership has compiled a free, editable template of model board bylaws to help your sanctuary board get started and thinking critically about how to organize, conduct board operations, and effectively provide governance! Before putting any bylaws into use, we strongly suggest that you work with an attorney who knows the legal requirements of your sanctuary’s region to review the document.

    Enter either your organization’s name or your name and email below to download the template and get started!

    We promise not to use your email for any marketing purposes!

    The Open Sanctuary Project’s Animal Sanctuary Board Member Job Description Template

    Click here to download our Board Member job description template for sanctuaries!

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