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    Dismantling Rooster Stigma: Infographics

    Sanctuaries and rescue organizations are often inundated by rooster surrender requests from individuals who started hatching chicks in the spring, or who have “oopsie roos” from purchased chicks. Compassionate organizations often find themselves sadly having to say no to such requests due to capacity considerations. One thing that we can offer is an easier way to give people some insight into rooster stigma. While we have a lengthy resource on the subject, sometimes it can help to offer some quick information that is digestible and accessible to would-be surrenderers. We hope the following infographic helps you in conversations with folks in your community!

    An image of a theater marquee, which  has text reading, "The Open Sanctuary Project Presents Dismantling Rooster Stigma With Fact Chicken!"

    An image showing text next to chicken face, which reads "Henlo! My name is fact chicken! I'm here to check facts!" 

Underneath that, a box in lights which reads:

Three Rooster Myths:
1. Roosters Lack Intelligence
2. Roosters Are Too Loud
3. Roosters Are Agressive
    A red chicken face next to a text box that reads "Myth 1 debunked: Roosters Are Not Unintelligent. They are innovative loving and sensitive."

Underneath is another box in lights that reads:

Most chickens can see and hear better than most people can and have magnetoreception abilities and complex and nuanced social lives.

Roosters use these abilities to protect their families.

Regardless of their intelligence or relationality to humans, roosters deserve compassionate care.
    A text box next to a chicken face, which reads "Myth 2 debunked: Roosters are Not Louder Than Most Noises Humans Generally Accept"

Underneath is another box in lights which reads:

A Rooster can reach approximately 100 DB in volume. So can:
Dogs Barkng
Human Babies Crying
    A green chicken face next to a box in lights which reads "Myth 3 Debunked: As Prey Animals Roosters Act In Self Defense, Not Aggression"

Underneath is another box in lights which reads :

Chickens are prey animals! They evolved as a function of their vulnerability to predation and other threats!

The myth of rooster aggression comes directly from cockfighting, an unnatural and cruel practice in which humans manipulate roosters to force them to fight.

Reframing your understanding and language around roosters helps dismantle rooster stigma.
    An image of a marquee. Two chickens perch on it. The text on the marquee reads "Chick" out our full resource on dismantling rooster stigma at

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