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    Possible Grant Opportunities For Your Animal Organization

    An image of a clipboard with a paper attached to it that is titled "application. There is a pen next to the clipboard and next to that is a laptop compu
    Interested in researching grant possibilities for your animal organization? Check out our list below to start learning about possible donors! Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

    Resource Acknowledgement
    The following resource was created by The Open Sanctuary Project staff in collaboration with our board member Peggy Cusack. Peggy is an attorney and the Acting Executive Director of The Nonhuman Rights Project.

    The Open Sanctuary Project is frequently asked where animal organizations can seek grant funding for their programming. Incorporating grants into your fundraising strategy can not only help diversify your funding, but also help you receive specific funding for projects and programs that might be difficult to fund from other forms of fundraising. 

    If you’re looking for potential funders, the following list of funders and grant databases may prove helpful in finding suitable matches for your organization! Make sure you also review our comprehensive resource on developing a grant program so that you can get valuable guidance on what grants and foundations are, on hiring grant professionals, on grant research, on writing letters of inquiry, and all other aspects of grant writing! 

    We Are Not Affiliated With And Do Not Endorse Any Of The Organizations Listed
    Please note that the following lists are not exhaustive. We will add to them as we learn about more opportunities over time. Also, note that the inclusion of any given organization does not constitute The Open Sanctuary Project’s endorsement of that organization. Similarly, omitting any particular organization does not constitute our disapproval of that organization. Make sure that you research potential funders carefully, as their guidelines may change over time! Check factors such as whether they accept unsolicited inquiries, whether they have geographical limitations, and look into their areas of focus (for example, whether they prefer to fund direct care or education) and all relevant application deadlines!

    Are you aware of grant opportunities for animal sanctuaries and rescue organizations that we have not listed here? Contact us to let us know! 

    Grant Databases:

    Candid Foundation Directory (Database access by subscription)

    Farmed Animal Funders: Request for Funding

    Farmed Animal And Food Systems Funding Sources  (Google Spreadsheet)

    Grant Gopher (Database access by subscription)

    Humane Society of the United States Humane Pro Grants Database

    Society For Nonprofits Funding Alert: Animals And Wildlife

     Individual Funding Organizations:

    Acton Family Giving

    Albert Schweitzer Foundation

    American Anti-Vivisection Society

    Animal Charity Evaluators Movement Grants

    Animal Welfare Fund

    Arcus Foundation

    Arnall Family Foundation


    The Builders Initiative Foundation

    Culture & Animals Foundation

    David Bohnett Foundation

    EA Funds Animal Welfare Fund

    Equus Foundation

    Greenbaum Foundation

    Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust


    Maddie’s Pet Forum

    Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation

    Mercy for Animals The People’s Fund

    Microsanctuary Resource Center


    Open Philanthropy

    Park Foundation

    The Pegasus Foundation

    Phauna Project

    The Pollination Project

    Richard Reed Foundation

    Stray Dog Institute

    Tipping Point Private Foundation 



    William and Charlotte Parks Foundation

    Women Funders In Animal Rights


    Developing A Grant Program At Your Animal Sanctuary

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