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    Take-Home Handout for Folks Who’ve Just Visited Your Sanctuary

    Oftentimes, when folks visit farmed animal sanctuaries, they want to go home and share their new knowledge and experiences with their family and friends. This is particularly true for young folks! However, sharing everything they’ve learned or experienced at an animal sanctuary isn’t always super easy, especially if the things they’ve learned about are relatively new ideas to them and/or their family and friends. So, in order to help these folks consolidate and remember some of the important concepts and ideas they probably heard about at your sanctuary, we’ve created a fun two-page take-home guide for you to print and hand out as you see fit! Below, you will find a form to fill out to receive this handout. It’s a wonderful little gift for folks who’ve just attended an educational workshop or lesson plan with you, but would also come in super handy if they’ve just gone on a tour of your sanctuary. This handout was originally created and intended for children to take home and give to their curious parents, so the language is geared towards adults who do not have a deep understanding of the ideas related to animal sanctuaries and animal liberation. However, this is the first handout in a series of handouts we plan on releasing in the near future. So, be on the lookout for more take-home guides that will be geared toward other audiences!

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