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    The Open Sanctuary Podcast: Zoonotic Disease Transmission and Onsite Sanctuary Education

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    11 – Zoonotic Disease Transmission and Onsite Sanctuary Education The Open Sanctuary Podcast

    Episode Notes

    Community Education Specialist Andie Springirth and Senior Advisor Tara Hess delve into zoonotic disease transmission. What are zoonoses, and how can they spread? Why is it important to understand zoonotic disease transmission from an educational standpoint, and what are some of the most meaningful ways sanctuary educators can prevent it in their onsite learning spaces with guests? Listen to this episode to learn more!

    Content Warning
    This podcast includes references to child death and may not be suitable for all listeners. The team briefly discusses child death as a possible consequence of zoonotic disease between the 22 and 22:30 minute markers. 

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    Episode Transcript

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