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    The Open Sanctuary Project’s AI Tool Usage Policy

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    Adopted March 20, 2024

    At The Open Sanctuary Project, transparency has been one of our core values since our founding in 2018. Since then, “AI” Tools have dramatically evolved and increased in common usage, affecting most corners of the world. We have investigated and tested some of these tools to see whether they would help us in our mission or programming. As a digital organization primarily dedicated to the research and development of written information, we believe providing transparency on how these tools are implemented in our work is essential. The bottom line is that we currently do not use AI Tools to research or generate our written, audio, or video resources. Read on for more information.

    The Use of AI Tools In The Creation Of Our Written Resources

    Because The Open Sanctuary Project is focused primarily on researching and publishing non-exploitative guidance in service of some of the most widely marginalized species on the planet, we often must conduct extensive, carefully cross-referenced research from information sources that often do not align with our values. We then synthesize this data and share practical and compassion-forward information that is rare to find elsewhere on the internet. Due to the risks associated with poorly-informed animal care and organizational governance, the paucity of compassionate sources on the internet, and the current propensity for LLM-style AI Tools or chatbots such as ChatGPT and tools that utilize similar technology to confidently display false information as fact, The Open Sanctuary Project currently prohibits the use of AI Tools in the research or creation of any public-facing resource (whether created by staff, contractors, or volunteers), with the exception of grammar suggestion software aids during our editing process. Should this policy change, we will update this page and announce it on our primary social media channels as a measure of transparency.

    The Use of AI Tool-Created Imagery

    The Open Sanctuary Project prohibits using AI Tools to create photorealistic imagery in our resources. However, we may make use of graphic-generating AI Tools as part of Canva to create parts of non-photorealistic diagrams, charts, or graphics for use in resources to streamline the creation of certain resource elements. None of these AI-generated graphics will be uploaded to our website without review and editing to ensure they are as accurate and informative as possible for our audience.

    Areas Where We May Employ AI Tools

    While we currently do not use AI Tools to research or generate resources, there are some occasions where we might, in part, use AI Tools to help us quickly create first draft written content or graphics, such as:

    • To help us draft social media post text (which will then be edited before publishing)
    • To help brainstorm social media post ideas
    • To generate non-photorealistic graphics or diagrams to be employed in resources
    • To create text transcripts of videos or episodes of The Open Sanctuary Podcast

    Policies Designed In Service Of Our Mission And Constituency

    This AI Tool Usage Policy was created to help us serve our mission as effectively as possible. While our organization’s current restriction against using AI Tools may result in us taking additional time in the research and creation of our resources, we believe that this is worth the increased safety and reliability that comes from having human researchers with sanctuary experience creating each resource with as much precision and adherence to our values as possible. We will continue to monitor these tools and reevaluate their utility in our organization as they continue to evolve.

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