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    The Open Sanctuary Project’s Gift Acceptance Policies & Procedures Template

    A sample of the Open Sanctuary Project's Gift Acceptance Policies & Procedures Template
    A sample of our Gift Acceptance Policies & Procedures Template!

    Enter either your organization’s name or your name and email below to download an editable template to get started with creating an actionable, comprehensive set of policies and procedures for accepting gifts of many sorts for your sanctuary, ranging from simple cash gifts all the way to property and bequests! You can learn more about different fundraising strategies for your animal sanctuary here! Or learn more about creating a fundraising plan here!

    We promise not to use your email for any marketing purposes!

    Would you prefer to access this form in a different way? Contact us and let us know!

    As with all templates, this is just a start, and must be carefully reviewed by your team and a legal professional in your region before being put into use! If you haven’t already, please review our disclaimer and terms of use.

    How’s This Form Working For You?
    Have you used this form at your sanctuary and want to give us your feedback on improvements? Let us know here!

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