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    Video Resource: Sanctuary Hoof Tool Maintenance

    A still from the Video Resource below showing a hoof trimmer being filed down

    If you care for residents with hooves at your animal sanctuary, you likely are well-acquainted with hoof nippers (also sometimes known as hoof trimmers) and shears. If you’ve been doing this care for a while, you have likely learned how ineffective even the best nippers and trimmers can get over time!

    Each Video Resource below covers each step involved in repairing and sharpening these critical tools at your sanctuary, including the pitfalls to avoid!

    Video Resource: Hoof Nippers: Minor Repairs And Sharpening

    Video Resource: Hoof Shears: Maintenance And Sharpening

    Video Resource Acknowledgements
    The above two videos were generously created by Michael Sizer for the global animal sanctuary community. Michael has worked for and with numerous animal sanctuaries throughout Canada and has substantial sanctuary construction and maintenance knowledge. Does your organization have a sanctuary construction or maintenance question you’d like Michael to weigh in on? Get in touch with us and we’ll forward along the request to him!

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