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    Late Elementary-Age Sanctuary Education Lesson Plan #2

    An illustration of a cream-colored circle with green vines and small blue flowers outlining it. Inside the circle is a light brown sheep with a red flower on their ear. There are three red flowers behind the sheep as well.


    Perspective-taking and empathy are two of the most important skills animal sanctuary caregivers must practice on a regular basis. In this lesson plan, late elementary-age participants are given the opportunity to observe how responsible sanctuary caregivers utilize these skills and interact with various residents based on their specific needs, and then practice and strengthen their own perspective-taking and empathy skills as they are guided through the stories of three fictional sanctuary residents. The ultimate goals of this lesson are to encourage late elementary-aged children to consider how an individual’s species, unique body, abilities, preferences, interests, and past experiences affect the way they perceive the world around them, and then try to relate to and empathize with that worldview and respond accordingly.

    Below, you will find a form to fill out to receive this free downloadable sanctuary education lesson plan. This lesson plan is the second part in a multi-part late elementary-age sanctuary education program. It can be used by sanctuary educators and representatives as a stand-alone lesson or ideally, as part of a long-term program with Late Elementary Lessons One, Three, and Four. As with every educational program we create, please leave room to edit, modify, and adapt the activities, questions, and materials based on your sanctuary and audience’s specific needs. Built-in flexibility is an important aspect of effective educational design. Please also check out the introduction to our first early elementary-age lesson plan for important things to consider as you develop and implement the second late elementary-age lesson plan at your sanctuary (e.g., positionalities, language use, modifications for people with disabilities, common core learning standards, and more).

    Effective For Other Species Populations
    While this lesson plan was created with farmed animals in mind, it can easily and effectively be adapted for other species populations!

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