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    Late Elementary-Age Sanctuary Education Lesson Plan #4

    A sample of the late elementary lesson plan number 4 plan
    Please scroll to the bottom of this resource for the downloadable version of the entire lesson plan!


    Art has been used throughout history by various groups of people as a creative way to tell stories, share ideas, move people emotionally, solve problems, and work for social change. In this lesson plan, late elementary-age sanctuary participants are given the opportunity to examine how art relates to community advocacy for farmed animals as they are guided through the project of creating a sanctuary-based mural. The ultimate goal of this lesson is to empower participants to think about art as another creative way to bring more visibility and awareness to the issues that farmed animals face in their communities.

    As with every educational program we create, please leave room to edit, modify, and adapt the activities, questions, and materials based on your sanctuary and audience’s specific needs. Built-in flexibility is an important aspect of effective educational design. This lesson was created to be used in conjunction with the first late elementary-age lesson plan, as it requires participants to have enough background knowledge on farmed animals to plan and contribute to the creation of the mural’s theme and execution. This is the only late elementary-age lesson plan that is dependent on sequence. In the beginning of the lesson plan, it would be very helpful to ask the learners to recall the information they remember from the first late elementary-age lesson plan. That way, they already have the background knowledge needed to select a theme or message for the mural project in the first part of the workshop. If you’d like to use this as a standalone lesson, just be sure to adapt the learning plan to include any information on farmed animals that will be necessary for participants to select a message to convey on the mural. Please also check out the introduction to our first early elementary-age lesson plan for important things to consider as you develop and implement the fourth late elementary-age lesson plan at your sanctuary (e.g., positionalities, language use, modification for people with disabilities, common core learning standards, and more).

    Below you will find a form to fill out to receive this lesson plan. This lesson plan is the fourth and final part of a multi-part sanctuary education program for late elementary-age children. It can be adapted and used by sanctuary educators and representatives as a standalone lesson or, ideally, as part of a long-term program.

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