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    The Open Sanctuary Podcast: Managing Capacity Limitations Responsibly

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    17 – Animal Sanctuary Capacity Part 2: Managing Capacity Limitations Responsibly The Open Sanctuary Podcast

    Episode Notes

    Executive Director Mckenzee Griffler and Nonprofit Specialist Julia Magnus continue discussing animal sanctuary capacity. We review some of the many elements that play a role in determinations around capacity and discuss ways to make it easier for your organization and team when capacity limitations dictate that you say “no,” and discuss other ways your organization can help even when you must decline a rescue request. We also discuss the concept of the “moral remainder” and how you and your team can address challenging emotions when they arise. Please be forewarned that there will be discussions around animal rescue and some of the emotional and complex ethical decisions rescuers must make.

    This Episode’s Referenced Open Sanctuary Project Resources:

    Determining Your Animal Sanctuary’s Capacity For Responsible Care

    What Does “Philosophy Of Care” Mean At The Open Sanctuary Project?

    Understanding Mission And Vision Statements For Your Animal Organization

    The Challenges Of Responsible Animal Rescue 

    25 Questions To Help Guide Responsible Intake Decisions At Your Animal Sanctuary

    How To Create An Effective Rescue Policy For Your Animal Sanctuary

    Managing Cruelty, Seizure, And Escapee Cases At Your Sanctuary Or Rescue

    Building And Maintaining A Good Relationship Between Your Animal Sanctuary And Veterinarians

    Considering Alternative Living Arrangements In Response To A Health Concern

    Establishing Safe And Effective Quarantine And Isolation Protocols For Your Animal Sanctuary

    Recognizing And Managing Compassion Fatigue At Your Animal Sanctuary

    Recognizing And Preventing Burnout At Your Animal Sanctuary

    The Importance Of Regular Health Checks For Residents At Your Animal Sanctuary

    Saying Goodbye With Respect and Safety At Your Animal Sanctuary

    Estimating Species Lifetime Care Costs At Your Animal Sanctuary

    Creating An Effective Set Of Contingency Plans For Your Animal Sanctuary

    Cultivating Resilience At Your Animal Organization In The Face Of Inflation

    Understanding Your Animal Sanctuary’s Zoning Rights & Restrictions

    Fostering Positive Relationships Between Animal Sanctuaries

    Microsanctuary Resource Center 

    Accuracy And Transparency: Two Critical Responsibilities Of Your Farmed Animal Sanctuary

    A Forever Home? Adoption Program Considerations For Animal Sanctuaries

    Microsanctuary Resource Center 

    Episode Transcript

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