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    Accident Waiver And Release Of Liability Template For Animal Sanctuaries

    A sample of our accident waiver template!

    Version 3.0 Released! – April 5, 2022
    We’ve recently updated this template! If your organization has put previous versions into use, we highly recommend checking out this new version!

    Enter your organization’s (or your) name and email below to download a free downloadable template to assist you in crafting your sanctuary’s accident waiver and release of liability form.

    Get It Reviewed!

    You should have this form reviewed by a legal professional in your region prior to use! Use in specific regions may require additional clauses or the removal of certain language. Nothing contained in this template is intended to constitute legal advice. The Open Sanctuary Project is not a law firm and this template is not a substitute for services of an attorney. Accordingly, you should not construe any of the information presented as legal advice that is suitable to meet your particular situation or needs. Please review our disclaimer if you haven’t yet.

    We promise not to use your email for any marketing purposes! Would you prefer to access this form in a different way? Contact us and let us know!

    How's This Form Working For You?

    Have you used this form at your sanctuary and want to give us your feedback on improvements? Let us know here!

    For more information on the importance of this topic and how to protect your sanctuary from legal liability, check out our article here!

    If you’d like to create an online sign-in system using the downloadable waiver, check out our resource here!

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